Saturday, August 8, 2009

Air Canada Sucks Balls


Well this is fantastic! After all the worry about Eastern European hassles I find my first hurdle right here in Canada. Watch this Video:

I was totally strong armed by this Air Canada employee I use the word employee because bitch was being used by the people one table over from me. For a moment I forgot that we live in a communist country run by a bunch of pseudo republicans. Meaning a bunch of bleeding heart Liberals who would take away all your rights by any means possible.

Here's a company that has been bailed out countless times with MY money telling me that I can't video tape myself on THEIR property. Listen up Air Canada and listen close. This AINT your property. This is federal land paid for by my tax dollars. You're still a company because I haven't managed to take control of the government and I truly don't care if you call the RCMP because I'm pretty sure they have been neutered by the Robert Dziekanski brutal taser attack. So I can
hold my stapler in attack mode and not worry about anything they throw at me.

Screw this. Let's write a letter.

Here it goes:


To whom it may concern,

I have been asked, very impolitely by one of your representatives that I am not allowed to video tape in your business class lounge. She stated it violates your policies and infringes upon other guests privacy. I complied by turning the camera on a tight frame upon myself and continuing my narative. At this point it was a very positive piece about how fantastic Air Canada service was. After the second confrontation with hands in my equipment and threats to call the RCMP I have to tell you it's an made the story do an about face and it's becoming another... Hold on....

I just had a conversation with Andy Brown. He's a very pleasant man and he explained Air Canada's policy on taping. Some of the arguments he made make sense but you really have to realize that with technology nowadays there is no privacy outside your house and even then it's quite false. Fortunately for me content the only privacy i broke was the type of beer you have on draft (which by the way is a great medium dark ale, though I much prefer the Victoria Pilsner you have on tap at YVR) my shots were very tight and I am far too self centered to share the frame with the general public nor could I give two dimes for the privacy of whatever celebrity that got conned into coming to Calgary.

NEEDLESS TO SAY. If you don't want people to take pictures (one second... the guy across from me just took a picture with his phone) or video you need to make a machine that turns time back.


Elvis Glazier


Well now here's a dilly. I've just been upgraded to first class! I don't know what to say. Give me an hour and I'll come up with an opinion.


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