Saturday, October 21, 2006

How Do You Spell Pain Relief


It’s not often that I would recommend another website, but after four thousand kilometers on the back of a motorcycle you start looking for new ways to alleviate the pain of being on the road. My back is killing me after five hundred kilometers much less four thousand. When I arrived in Odessa I had a slew of different pains that I needed to take care of. I was not looking forward to calling a doctor in the Ukraine so i decided to do a little searching on the Internet. And it is good that I did.

I found a great site dedicated to pain relief (click on the links to go there). At the time I was in need of back pain relief for the hours crouched on my motorcycle and arthritis pain relief for the hours gripping my handlebars. I don’t suffer from arthritis but the symptoms are very similar.

Needless to say, after going to the site and doing a little research I was able to do a few things to alleviate the pain without seeing the doctor. And if you’re anything like me the less time I spend at the doctor the better. After a couple of days rest in Odessa I was reading to begin the journey home. Rejuvenated and pain free.

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