Monday, April 28, 2008

Everytime I try to get out...They Pull Me Back In!


Well the day had to come sooner than later. I have a lot of work that needs to get done and I'm quickly running out of hours to do it with. I know I said my goodbye's to my bike already but I decided to take her out for another ride for 'one last time'. The big swap meet was in town so my buddy Benjamin rode out and we hooked up later in the afternoon. It was raining pretty hard but I thought what the heck!

I didn't dress well for the rain, blue jeans and a windbreaker. I wasn't going very far so I figured I could tough it out. I really do need to invest in proper motorcycle apparel. It would make life a lot more comfortable.

I met up with Benjamin and his friend at McDonald's and I accompanied them for a piece down the highway. It's been awhile since I've ridden in a pack and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I bid them farewell and doubled back stopping at a couple of places on the way home. Of course I had to push start the beast everytime so I looked quite silly. Soaking wet jeans from the knees down running along and jumping on the bike as I popped the clutch. Riding side saddle until I could get my leg up and over the tank. OUCH! My back hurts from walking around all weekend.

So I get home and I clean up my shop. Time to undress the old girl and rebuild her. I'm taking alot of pictures so my progress is a little slower than it should be but if I have troubles remembering where things go I can go back over the photos.

I got quite a bit done by myself but a little helper came along to lend me a second pair of hands and some direction.

The funny things is, she actually figured out how to use the socket wrench. Unfortunately she spent 15 minutes tightening up all the bolts I loosened but it was very cute. I think I have a future grease monkey on my hands. She definitely has some skills. And, when she got bored of turning wrenches she handed me a beer. Better than any apprentice I've ever had!

I worked on her for a few hours and got a lot done. I'm great at stripping down a bike. Lets see if I can actually put this one back together. I have some plans but everything is mostly by the seat of my pants.

I'm going to start with the exhaust system. Sandblast the pipes and put a ceramic coating on them. Then I will remove the engine, front forks, and wheels. Dismantle all the pieces from the frame and powder coat the wheels and frame and everything attached to it. After that the engine work begins. Rering the pistons, hone or bore the cylinders, lap the valves and replace all the seals after painting the top end with thermal dispersant paint. After that start working an a new electrical system. Change the brake lights and turn signals with LED's and replace the fuse box with something modern. I'm ordering new bars so there may be some modifications I have to make to the control linkages and brake lines. After that its all cosmetic and assembly.

Should be interesting to see how she turns out. Stay Tuned!


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