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Traveling can be so much fun. I just met a great couple while I was drinking a cider. I happened upon them only because I was sitting in their seats in the lounge. The husband, I believe his name was Vince, approached me and informed me I was in their spot. I should have noticed, the purse the luggage, the food on the tables should have clued me in. The great thing about my being completely oblivious to the world around me is I meet fantastic people by chance. I did notice that he didn't have an English accent so I asked him where he was from, a great opening line.

San Diego meet Vancouver. Vancouver meet San Diego.

The conversation quickly turned to my favorite subject... ME! I explained my trip to him and he got very excited. He said I needed to talk to his wife she would have all sorts of great places for me to visit when traveling through Greece. When she arrived I was a little shocked to find out she was deaf. Vince signed our entire conversation to her and explained what i was doing. A spark lit in her eyes and she began to talk to me about Greece. She was so excited!

I've never spoken to someone who's deaf but her husband was great at adding sign to the conversation when I spoke to quickly. She was impressive in her ability to read my lips. She told me I must be Canadian as we're the easiest people to lip read.

She gave me a list of places to see that would take a year to visit. I won't list them all but I do have to mention that she said I should visit the Province of Macedonia and see the tomb of Alexander the Great. What a great idea! The other place she that really, and I mean REALLY REALLY, piqued my interest was Troy. I didn't even know the place still existed or even existed in the first place. I always thought of Troy as a mythical place of legends. If I can see Troy on my motorbike it would be amazing! I really need to look into it further. That's what I like about not having any real plans or schedule. I can do and go anywhere I want.

[Insert the song Freebird here]

When I get to Munich I need to hit google maps hard and figure out where Troy is.

I hope it's along the way.

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I am so Jealous

no schedule no plans I AM IN!!!!!!

Keep the blogs coming. IT is fun to read

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