Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Curiousity Killed the Catscan!


So how bad do you think I feel? I went over to Surf Tech Coatings on Saturday to get my exhaust coated and the guy wasn’t there. The whole shop was locked up tighter than Fort Knox, and looked more abandoned than the Statue of Liberty in Planet of the Apes. What nerve?!? I mean, I even bought beer and cash to bribe the guy to give me a lower price. I drive all the way there and nothing… nada… nil. I’m so pissed off that I have to drink a beer immediately and then chase it down with another beer right after. That made me feel a bit better so I had to celebrate my mood change with another beer. I vow to take my business elsewhere and I call my buddy Jimmy up. Good News!!! He’s having a barbecue down at his dealership. What a stroke of luck? Barbecue tastes really good with beer. I stop in; have a couple burgers, drink a beer, and leave. Quick and dirty just like me.

Since I’m not getting any real work done I go by the local Princess Auto. They have a paint gun on sale for $15. How can I say no?

Did I mention that I vowed to take my business elsewhere?

This next part of the story is more relevant to the title of the blog.

If I’m going to take my business elsewhere there really is no reason to call the guy up and ask him what the heck went down. I can be the silent customer who just goes to the competitor and doesn’t give a reason. Well, if anybody knows me, silent is not the word to describe me. I call the guy up and give him grief. He apologizes emphatically. Even says that he would have called me if he had my digits. He then explains that he wanted to be there but he had to be with his mom because his dad had a heart attack while riding his bike up to Kelowna… silence.

This is the part of the story where I feel shame. I don’t need to talk about my feelings because I’m a guy. But you can all imagine. It’s a very similar feeling to the one you get when you ask a girl what trimester she’s in and she replies by telling you she’s not pregnant. You vow to never make that mistake again but as time passes you forget what the taste of your foot was like and your inner curiosity subliminally puts you in a position to serve it up cold, shoe and all.

So in the end, I told him I would see him next Saturday and that I hoped his father gets better.

If I find out he’s an orphan fists will fly!

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Anonymous said...

Every time I read your blog, I end up nearly pissing my pants laughing and chuckling to myself for the next few hours when I remember your blog. Keep it up.
Cheers- Shannon

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