Friday, May 23, 2008

Paint me a Story.


I checked my email this morning and I'm finding that I'm irritating my readership again. My intention was to publish a blog a day, but I’ve been terribly remiss. So here I am again finding myself apologizing for not being on top of things here. Sorry. Now leave me alone and read the blog damn you.

I’ve been asked how the bike is coming… actually; I’ve been asked if the bike is done. The answer is, it’s not coming together very quickly. I’ve been busy. I’ve still managed to get some stuff done, but I need some uninterrupted time to get right down to it.

I have stripped the bike and removed the paint from all the pieces. What I need to do now is put all the frame pieces together the way I want and then take it all apart again for painting. Then I will put it all back together and add an engine. Here’s a picture of what she looks like right now. I’ve changes the tank and seat and now I need to figure out what I’m going to do with the rear fender.


Since I can’t really get much done on it these days I spend my time buying stuff for my bike on eBay. So far I have picked up new handle bars, mirrors, lights, and an ignition and gas cap that use the same key (as opposed to mine that use a #2 flat head screwdriver). Tomorrow I will be taking my pipes into Surf Tech in Port Moody to have them ceramic coated. A nice satin black finish is going to make them look so nice. At the same time I’m going to discuss powder coating colors

I had moved away from the idea of powder coating but while I was borrowing an air sprayer from Hoover (don’t ask me how he got that nickname), he told me that I wouldn’t be able to do it and that I should pay someone to do it for me. He basically came out and told me how much I suck and that I don’t have the ability required or the potential to ever learn the skills required to give my bike even the crappiest of paint jobs. He then went on to criticize the way I look and dress and mentioned something about my inability to be human. So I have definitely decided to paint the bike myself! And get a new wardrobe too. He was right about the way I dress.

Seriously though, how hard could it be to paint a tank and a couple of fenders? Any monkey can do it. I mean Hoover made a living at it so it really couldn’t be that hard. We’ll see how it goes. I won’t be painting for a couple of weeks yet. That should give me plenty of time to read about how to paint on the Internet and become a pro.

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