Friday, May 30, 2008

Making a List, Checking it Twice!


I just got off the phone with Ryan from Surf Tech in Port Moody and we’re on! Tomorrow morning at 9am it’s the beginning of the end for the cosmetics on this bike. If all goes well the ceramics on the exhaust and the powder coating on the frame will get done and I’ll be reassembling by Sunday. Not likely but it would be nice. Yesterday I fabricated a couple of brackets to put the new seat on and then I just kind of guessed at where they should be welded to my frame. Until I try to put the gas tank on I won’t know if I got it right or not. That’s just the way I roll though. Take a lot of time and effort to do things twice; the wrong way and then the right way. It’s really the only way to learn as far as I’m concerned. And besides, anything worth doing is worth doing twice. Take a look at a couple of pictures of me in the shop.


So my list of things to do is getting shorter, yet it’s still a long list. Here’s what I have left to do:

  • Buy the new LED tail light and signal lights.
  • Mold the rear seat cowl with fiberglass.
  • Cut the rear fender to match cowl.
  • Reassemble the frame and all the little pieces (ie. center stand, kickstand, foot pegs)
  • Change the front brake pads and grind the rotor.
  • Rechrome the front forks, replace the fork seals, and refill with oil.
  • Clean up the rear swingarm
  • Refinish the rear shocks or purchase new ones.
  • Attach the front forks.
  • Mount the handlebars and mirrors.
  • Attach the rear swingarm and replace the swingarm bearing.
  • Mount the air box and battery holder.
  • Paint the fenders and tank.
  • Mount the lights and route the electrical lines.
  • Attach new fuse panel.
  • Clean up, rebuild, and mount the engine.
  • Connect final drive.
  • Clean carbs and bench synch.
  • Mount Carbs and reattach cables.
  • Finish electrical work.
  • Test drive bike.
  • Fabricate luggage and attach.
  • Go to Europe!

When you write it down it becomes a never ending shopping list. How am I ever going to get all that done? Oh yeah and go get my drivers license needs to be in there somewhere. One step at a time. I really hope I get the painting done tomorrow. Otherwise the rest of this list gets put off even longer.

I got a call from Money (Steve Money not currency) two days ago and he has a friend that can get me all my paint. That will be a real help! Of course I could probably use advice and instruction more than supplies but I will take what I can get.

If anyone reading this blog wants to lend a hand you’re more than welcome to come over and help. Just thought I would put that out there. If I know my readership no one will come out until after the 9th.

I just hope that the guy at Surf Tech doesn’t have anymore unhealthy family members.
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Anonymous said...

I'd come help but I fly Saturday morning.. back next Saturday so perhaps next Sunday we can fiddle with your bike. Nice welding job :)


Don Bangert said...

Remember, the air box goes in before the engine.

Elvis Glazier said...

If I had my way the air box wouldn't go in at all. I wanted to change to pod air filters, but I've read too many articles on how much additional carburetor work that requires and I just don't have the time. Plus, I've heard you actually reduce reliability with them. They don't like humidity. So I'm keeping it stock as this bike needs to be more reliable than pretty.

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