Monday, August 4, 2008

You say Frankfurter... I say Wiener!


I know these next few blogs are a little timed delayed due to the fact that I took a hard left turn at the 'Super Information Highway' and ended up on the 'No Information Dirt Backroad'

Finding internet in many of these countries is like finding a virgin at a Hungarian wedding... It's nice when you do, but it's still pretty useless. The keyboards make it tough to write as well. They have letters and keys I have never seen before. For instance to make the '@' symbol you have to press Alt Gr and V. That was well thought out.

So in the immortal words of der Fuhrer, ˝I made it out of Germany˝

Picking up the bike went mostly smoothly. The Air Canada guys were happy to see me and with the exception of one former US Marine who stayed in Germany after his tour was up I still get the same reaction when I tell people what route I plan to take. ˝Are you Crazy?˝
I took my paperwork over to the German customs and I found out how to confuse a German. Apparently motorcycles don't have a category number in the big book of category numbers so the paperwork could not be completed. All this poor guy needed to keep on existing was to write a number down on the piece of paper that accurately represented a motorbike. I saw the look on his face that I would imagine many Samurai had just prior to committing ritual suicide. In the end a supervisor had to come over and issue a temporary category number. This didn't make the officer happy but it allowed him to save some of his honor and continue to breath.
I had a great time walking about Frankfurt the night before. It's not a bad town. There was a carnival going on at the river and more bratwurst than you could possibly imagine.

Here are some photos of Frankfurt.
My next stop is Plzen Czech Republic.

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Grimoire said...

So you haven't been murdered. Sweet!

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