Monday, August 4, 2008

I See Dead People


So my adventure begins. My bike is out of customs (see release form below) and I get back to Air Canada to claim it.
Now I spend the next hour reattaching items to my bike while two of the Air Canada employees argue over the best way for me to leave the airport. German does not lend itself well to poetry or song (sorry Danzig) but when it comes to arguing there is probably no better language. Anyways they sort it out, and after a couple of phone calls they decide on a route for me.
http://elvisonthemove.blogspot.com/So Elvis the world traveler, the adventurer, the navigator, the human compass. Given one easy decision takes the first wrong turn he can. Instead of heading East I go West. Doesn't sound so bad, but I do have a plan. Actually, that's all I have is a plan. I left my maps sitting neatly at home. Who needs maps when you have the language skills of a cactus?
http://elvisonthemove.blogspot.com/Fortunately the Germans made it very easy to turn around on the Autobahn. 70 kilometers later not only did I manage to turn around, I actually found a gas station. You think we pay at the pump? We have it good compared to these guys.
http://elvisonthemove.blogspot.com/I didn't really have much interest in seeing Germany so I'll go over the highlights. The Autobahn is not a dangerous highway filled with Death Race 2000 drivers. Most people travel 130km/h or less. I was doing 160 the whole way. I got rained on for half an hour. And I got to see a car full of dead people. I did slow down for that. Unlike Canada where they would close the highway and put tarps over the corpses the Germans just had a guy sitting at the side of the road with a reflective cone and a slow sign and they made you navigate through the wreckage. As a matter of fact I had to drive my bike through a puddle of blood to avoid the broken glass. Very civilized.

I didn't see too much of Germany. The Autobahn is not the most scenic of routes.I did enjoy the selections of beers at all the gas stations. I made good time and got to Plzen in about 4 hours. I missed the exit and drove a little too far but it wasn't too bad.

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Michelle said...

How very true about Canada's backward 'cleaniness' with dead people on the highway ...


I like Germany's approach ... must make for interesting dinner conversation when you reach home :)

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