Sunday, August 10, 2008

Time Warp


After my last post titled 'Home is where your heart is' I had a big influx of emails sent to me from strangers and people I know very well. I have replied to each and everyone of them but I get the feeling that there is something that requires a little bit of explaining.

My trip has been done for a long time and I am in Canada now (the current date is Feb 3, 2009)! I couldn't believe it when my good friend Benjamin Easterday called me up from Hollywood and asked me how I could have possibly got permission to travel for six months. We had talked many times in the last 6 months and I assumed he knew I was back. I guess not.

I guess I was a little bit stingy with the time between stories and for that I owe everyone an apology. I have been busy behind the scenes with work, family, and trying to organize myself for another motorcycle travel adventure next summer.

As well, I have changed the appearance of the blog and have added a few features that weren't here before. I've put a poll question up to allow you to vote on where I should travel next (you have to go to 'Elvis on the Move' to vote), I have put up a slide show of the Eastern Europe trip on my sidebar, I've made subscribing to the RSS feed and email updates very easy with big buttons, and I've added a Google Search bar if you want to make my website your homepage and search the web from there.

I will continue to post stories from my time in Europe but keep in mind I'm planning this years trip and when I say planning I really mean scheming up ways to get enough money for gas and lodgings. The real planning I've left up to anyone who visits Elvis on the Move' and lets me know where they would like me to go. The voting ends soon and whatever the outcome that is where I will go. So that part is taken care of and since I don't bring maps or pack proper supplies I don't have much left to do except come up with money. Visiting some of the sponsor links would help (shameful plug)

Yamaha Maxim Cafe Racer in Sibenik

The last of the motorcycle travel stories is complete and now there are just a few day trip stories about Croatia and a story about how I crashed on the Autobahn on my way to Slovenia and how I lay there for thirty minutes and no one stopped to help.

I have been asked to compile the stories in chronological order to make it easy to read from the beginning. I have already begun to do that and I will post a link when I make that live. Until then enjoy the rest of the stories and stay tuned for more adventures.

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Anna Barton said...

Guullp... The last episode was a tear-jerker!
Well, done Elvis!

Benjamin Easterday said...

you crashed on the autobaun.. fuk dude!..an thanks for the plug..lol i honestly thought you were traveling ... hey did you bring your bike back or leave it there to avoid the cartage for the next trip??
when i come up i shall make a point of stoppin by for some grub and a beer with ya!

Elvis Glazier said...

I left the bike in Croatia. I will return this summer and continue from there. It looks like I will travel to Odessa based on the voting so far

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