Thursday, July 24, 2008

I get by with a little help from my friends


Well we have a new front runner for MVP on this project. After reading my blog I got a call from an old friend Lee whom I haven't seen in years. He could feel the desperation in my writing so he had to call me up and offer his help. The help was very needed. I've basically come to the conclusion that if she doesn't start tonight I'm scratching the tour. I'll get on a plane to Frankfurt and take the train instead. How boring that will be.

So last night we put the cylinders and head back on. It's amazing how much faster things happen with two sets of hands. What took me two hours by myself was finished in 15 minutes. Unfortunately, we couldn't 'button it up' because I didn't have a torque wrench. I'm getting one for tonight and I will torque everything down and give it another go. I think I may add some Loc-Tite to the equation. I can't afford to have anything come undone.

So please pray for me tonight. Make offerings to any pagan gods you may worship. If you're atheist... well become a believer for an evening. I mean seriously, praying to something you don't believe in isn't going to kill you is it?

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Don Bangert said...

May the force be with you... always! :)

Lee said...

I think the Roman god Vulcan would be most useful.. I'll go sacrifice an unused tool for you.

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