Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Everytime I try to get out they PULL me back in!


Play the above video to see what I did last night and then read below:

So she started! Yay! I was worried. Boy does she run loud. sounds like the exhaust manifold isn't sealed. I'll have to take care of that right away. I ran her for a good 20 minutes before the engine seized. Boo!

I'm serious, the engine seized. I popped open the valve cover and I was missing one of my cam chain sprockets! She absolutely exploded. I had to pull off the head and the cylinders and then I spent the next 4 hours fishing metal out of my engine. Could anything else go wrong? Don't answer that.

I'm going to try and do another rebuild. I almost got the cylinders back on last night but I found I was short an arm. If anyone wants to come over and help I could use it. Gaskets be damned I'm going to reuse what I have and get her buttoned up. If she's not running by tomorrow I'm calling it quits. My psyche can't take the stress this project has tolled out on me. I'm an absolute basket case. I should have just bought a Beemer and not worried about a thing. What's wrong with me? I take something simple and complicate so much that it becomes almost impossible. It goes hand in hand with my inability to order off the menu when I go out.

"I'll have the lamb souvlaki, but instead of lamb could I get beef, and could the beef be a tenderloin, and instead of putting it on a stick could you grill it medium rare, and instead of the rice and Greek salad could I have a mashed potatoes with garlic, mushrooms, and macaroni salad?"

I'm hating life right now. You'll know where I am if you need me. Come by if you want to help me.
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Grimoire said...

You can hear the valves clicking when it is idling! On my bike at least, the isn't a good sign!

Any idea on damage to the engine?

Jim said...

I'm available Friday afternoon if you need the help???

Anna BArton said...

Yup. Know that feeling. But you just gotta do things the hard way, don't ya??!

Hang in there, Tiger! Crossing fingers you pull through and I see your mug on this side of the pond.


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