Friday, July 4, 2008

Canada Day


Happy Canada Day everybody. And happy Independence Day to all of my American cousins.

So it's crunch time now. The bike is coming together and the cosmetic work is practically done. Take a look at the paint scheme.


The reassembly is coming together pretty good. I'm still a little worried about the electrical and the wiring harness. Oh... and a little thing called rebuilding an engine. You can't forget that. The rolling frame is put together and I just need to reattach the front forks and wheels to get it done. I have been making countless trips across the border to pick up little odds and ends that I have been buying on the Internet. And before you ask I am not declaring any of my purchases to the border guards. How do I get away with this? Well I always have a bag full of cheese, butter, eggs, and milk. Let me tell you, I went across the border 4 times last week so if you lactose intolerant do no come to my house under any circumstances.

I was very excited last night. I ordered a front cowling and windshield and I wasn't sure what it was going to look like in person. It's gorgeous! It's way bigger than it looked like in the pictures. I am so relieved. For $30 I was expecting something flimsy and small. God bless our Chinese sweatshops.

It's the fourth of July today and I have to stay home and work on my bike. I have spent so much time on this project that I have basically wasted half my summer.

Tomorrow I'm taking my engine into work so I can use the shop. It's a much better place to do this kind of work.

  • Clearcoat the paint
  • Reattach the front forks
  • Refill the fork oil
  • Attach the front wheel, fender, and brake.
  • Handlebar controls and handgrips.
  • Fabricate the rear cowling to accept new LED tail-light
  • Reattach the electrical
  • Rebuild the engine and install it.
  • Hope to hell she starts.
  • Test drive

Doesn't sound too bad does it? This is what the progress looks like so far


I'm so not going to make it. I feel like it's the last hour on Monster garage. My crew has abandoned me and Jesse James is going to walk into my carport and take my bike away to be crushed, after mocking me, and having his midget kick me.
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