Friday, April 4, 2008

Sweet Sixteen... Again!


So today is the day. After a long beautiful week of sunshine and sickness I’ve decided to go get insurance for my bike today. Now it rains. Oh Lord, why hast thou forsaken me?Ah, what the hell? A little water never killed anyone. Here’s what the weekend in Vancouver is supposed to look like:

10°C | 6°Chttp://elvisonthemove.blogspot.com/


9°C | 5°Chttp://elvisonthemove.blogspot.com/


10°C | 5°Chttp://elvisonthemove.blogspot.com/


It’s not looking so good.

On a plus note, I just checked my driver’s license and I have 20 days until my learners permit runs out. Yeah… you heard right. “Learner’s permit”. It seems that if you are out of the country for 5 years and you hadn’t been renewing your license they make you do your driving tests over. Needless to say it was enjoyable having to take my driving test over again at the age of 31. Not only was it was hard keeping both hands on the wheel, it was damn near impossible not to reach under my car seat for the icy cold beer I could feel rolling around.

So now I have to schedule a day to be sober and go drive my bike around a bunch of pylons. I’ll try to get Ben to come down and video tape the whole thing. That will make for a fun blog!
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Anonymous said...

Well, good luck with your Test, you animal!


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