Monday, March 24, 2008

Field of Broken Dreams


So today I come home from work after stopping to pick up a few things to continue on my motorcycle project only to find a 12 yard pile of soil sitting on my front lawn (I use the term 'lawn' loosely as my front yard has the ability to grow rocks and that's about it!). It would seem that because my wife has had to spend the last week and a half indoors because of my daughter's misdiagnosed 'MEASLES' the she has gone completely crazy. Now it looks like I'm not going to be doing anything with my bike this Easter long weekend.


Update: This is only the first of two soil shipments. Another 16 yards will be arriving tomorrow. Time to nip this in the but and call out the big guns. I got a hold of a rental place and they are going to drop off a Bobcat tomorrow. The one thing I forgot to mention... I have never driven a Bobcat before. How hard could it be? Famous last words.

As it turns out. It's not that hard at all. I knew all those years of playing video games would pay off. Left and right sticks to turn (just like Tank Commander), left pedal up and down on buck, and right pedal tilt bucket up and down. Nothing to it. No weaponry to worry about. No enemies to track on the radar. This is a piece of cake. I should still be able to get some motorbike time in this weekend.

So after distributing to dirt around the yard, my father in law Slavko lent his Eastern European work ethic and came over and helped me level the yard using shovels and rakes. Much harder than the bobcat, but far more effective. Denis, my lazy brother in-law, decided he would be a chick and stay inside playing Guitar Hero. That didn't last too long! I totally freaked on him and his girlfriend and turned off the game mid guitar battle. It was awesome! I felt like an adult scolding his teenage son. Of course Denis is 26... you think he would know better. Anyways I put him on the Roto-Tiller and let him loose. In the end it worked out well. By day two the yard was ready to be seeded. I built some stone planters with the unlimited supply of rock I have at my place (where does it all come from?) Then I finished for the day wishing I was working on my bike.

By noon on day 3 I had the yard mostly seeded and packed down. Would have finished but I had Easter dinner at the in-laws. Gotta love the Croatians. Any religious holiday means a lamb gets slaughtered and made into yummy food.

Day 4 I was finished in an hour and then started working on cleaning the bike up. Here the front yard now.
the next job that needs to get done is widen the asphalt driveway. But that will have to wait until the lawn comes in fully. Thank God!

Now that that is finished I can return to the bike.....
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Anonymous said...

Hey man, before you go and start calling FREE help lazy (not only did i move around 50 wheelbarrows of dirt for you while you just sat there and watched your gut grow from all the beer you've been drinking)you should just say thanks man for your hard work and maybe next time you'll get another helping hand. No wonder you have to do everything yourself!!

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