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When being pulled over by police in Prague never let them know you have any money and never pay your fine directly to them. Tell the officer you will post them the payment.
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Near Zagreb

The Road Less Traveled
It's easy to stay on the nice black tarmac as you cruise through new countries from one city to the next. You've read all the travel guides and they have told you the easiest way to get from point 'A' to point 'B'. Instead of listening to what the guide books and maps say try just turning left! You will find true freedom in leaving all the maps and guides at the side of the highway and just turning left.
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Skull Cap

Welcome to Elvis on the Move
by Elvis Glazier
I want to be the first one to welcome you to my site about motorcycle adventure travel. I started this blog as a way to document the progress on my custom Yamaha Cafe Racer that I built from scratch. Little did I know that this basket case of a motorcycle would inspire me and accompany me on a never ending adventure spanning two continents (with many more to come) and many countries.
Whether you have a passion for motorcycles or are interested in traveling yourself you will find something of interest in the pages of this blog. And if I can inspire or help someone to make their own adventure come true then I will have accomplished more than I could have imagined. While you browse through the site always know that I can always be reached personally. If you have any questions or suggestions or if you need someone to have a drink with email me at Elvis Glazier

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East vs. West
by Elvis Glazier
After the decision was made to send my bike to Europe I faced one of my hardest decisions on this trip. Western Europe or Eastern Europe? Both have a lot to offer and even more to see. The west has beautiful motorcycling routes through the Swiss Alps, great food in Italy, beautiful coastlines through Monaco. The east has intrigue and notions still recovering from communist rule. After a lot of pondering and wringing the Internet for every piece of information I could find about both sides of Europe I distilled the two trips down to their fundamental roots. It was no longer a choice between west and east. It was now a choice between vacation or adventure! To read the story from the beginning and find out which decision I made click here.


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